about us


For all of the 1980s Ruth’s career as a young upholsterer in her company workshop gave her the best experience and insight into the textile and furnishings industry; to this day it remains her obsession; after graduating in textile design in 1995, Ruth and partner Howard Owens moved to Cullen in moray; a period of building design and interior projects attended the bringing up of their family.

From 2014 Ruth focused on restarting a long held plan to design for printed textiles; to cut a long story short…here they are!

Ruth currently designs and works in Cullen and at our new workshop premises at Cairnie junction Aberdeenshire.

Our cloths are unbleached linens and linen unions.  We use Reactive dyes which are considered the most ecologically sound of high performance industry dyes.



Ruth at her Cairnie workshop


Premises at Cairnie, Aberdeenshire

Historical photos