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  •  design name-Rigging
    design name-Rigging
    'barkcloth' inspired design printed on unbleached linen
  • design name-Ticking
    design name-Ticking
  • design name- Vessels & Chalice
    design name- Vessels & Chalice
  • design name-Kinraddie
    design name-Kinraddie
    this design was formed from sketches of the landscape made in Aberdeenshire
  • design name-Kaimes
    design name-Kaimes
  • design name-Soundwave
    design name-Soundwave
  • design-Jogline
  • design name-PineBranch
    design name-PineBranch
    A Barkcloth inspired design
  • design name-Girder
    design name-Girder
  • design name-DeckRope
    design name-DeckRope
  • design name-Leafstorm
    design name-Leafstorm
  • design name-Bales
    design name-Bales
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Ruth Hyde Furnishing Fabrics Aberdeenshire

The name Cairnie Wheeber comes from the address of our workshop premises built on the site of a former railway junction at Cairnie. Wheeber is an old but still known word from the Aberdeenshire and Banffshire area of north east scotland, it means to whistle.
We are a furnishing fabric design company based at Cairnie Junction Aberdeenshire. Our furnishing prints are designed by Ruth Hyde.They are printed on unbleached natural cloths.